About Whyalla Stuart Primary School R-6

Student Literacy development is actively underpinned by targeted literacy groups involving all students and staff. Levelled Literacy Intervention, Heggerty Phonological Programme, Reading Eggs, Fast Phonics  and Reading Express along with Jolly Phonics and Spelling Mastery, are all utilized to support classroom literacy learning.

The Mathletics online programme, Mathseeds and Quicksmart are all used to supplement the maths curriculum and to assist with the provision of differentiated learning to all students.

Currently HASS, Science and PE are provided as NIT subjects. School Services Officer (SSO) support is provided in every classroom, to assist students with disabilities and to support Literacy and numeracy programmes.

‘Play is the Way’ is incorporated across the school with students participating in daily activities to learn the concepts of social and emotional literacy. Our school Behaviour Education Plan is based on ‘Play is the Way’ key concepts and principles. We have a dedicated ‘Chill Zone’ where students can choose to attend to assist with self regulation.

To engage and encourage learning across the curriculum, we provide Smartboards, and a range of technology tools, which are available for all classrooms. In addition, we have a well equipped Computer Room, which is accessed by all classes. The school subscriptions to on-line Mathematics and English programmes, allows students to access their accounts at home. The ‘Tech Zone’ and ‘Kitchen’ are large teaching spaces used for Science, Design and Technology and other hands-on activities. Recently we added a dedicated Music Room for instrumental music and Choir.We also share an extensive Library space with Stuart High School. We have our own dedicated area where classes can go at any time to use and borrow resources.

Being a small school we ensure students still have opportunities to compete in Whyalla Interschool sporting events, as well as Festival of Music Choir performances. We are also represented in the schools’ section of the Whyalla Show. Students participate in swimming instruction, aquatics and coaching clinics in various sports, are attended throughout the year as well as participation in visiting performances.

Lunchtime soccer is very popular with students Reception to Year7, as are our ‘Library Lovers’ and ‘Book Week’ Celebrations.

We encourage parents and community members to be actively involved in our school. We plan and celebrate special days with breakfasts, BBQ’s and open times. Reconciliation Week as well as NAIDOC celebrations and Harmony Day are all featured.

We hold regular assemblies and our Sports Day and End of Year Concerts are particular highlights in our calendar.

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