Reaching New Horizons


Whyalla Stuart Campus R-7 School endeavours to provide a safe, challenging, environment for students to become confident and
successful learners. We co-located to the Stuart High School site in October 2006.

About Us

Play is the Way is incorporated across the school with students participating in daily games and learn about key concepts of social and emotional literacy. Our school Behaviour Education Plan is based on these key concepts.

Literacy development is supported through targeted literacy groups involving all students, Levelled Literacy Intervention, Reading Eggs, Reading Express and Spelling Mastery. The Mathletics programme, Mathseeds and Quicksmart are used to supplement the maths curriculum and to assist with the provision of differentiated learning to all students. Currently Japanese, Science and PE are provided as NIT subjects. School Services Officer (SSO) support is provided in every classroom, to assist students with disabilities and to support literacy and numeracy programmes…

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